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Saimaan Hiihtosuunnistusviikko

January 6th and 7th 2022
Rauha / Lappeenranta

More Photos added to Kuvat-page

In classes HD17-21 competitors who missed the chase start are called in with their start time. They still take their maps from the wall of maps with their own number

Photos Day 1 if you use the photos remember to tag the name of the photographer Essi Korhonen

The sprint map area is free to use just after the competition on Thursday. Note the still remaining forbidden ares for middle distance.

Covid information

When renting the EmiTags from Info, competitors responsibility is to make sure that you got the same EmiTag as in start list. Take enough time for rent (atleast 1h before start)

Competition instructions

Result page

For WRE Declaration of Conformity (Ban on fluorinated products) fill the form in advance if possible and return it to INFO to get your number

There are EmiTags for rent at the competition center for price of 5€/week

There is possibility for free start times selection for all the races (not for HD21 HD20 and HD17 for thursday and friday) with your licence number

Competition center Rauha

Competition center Muukko

8.12.2021 Snow: 25-30cm Temperature: -16
Right now conditions for Ski-O are good.

Follow this website for newest COVID-information and how it might effect to competitions.

Entries to competitions in 8th and 9th of January via Irma or email Entry deadline 31.12.2021. Late entry deadline with 1.5x fee 4.1.2022. You can pay the whole week at once 90€ (25€/WRE race 20€/normal race), but remember to enter WRE-competitions also via Eventor. The fee must be paid at the same time with the entry. Unless entry fee is paid, the entry is not valid. You can find the payment information in Bulletin 1.

Bulletin 1
Old map

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